642 Things To Write About

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Sometimes a mom has gotta brag

She wrote that as she wrote her paper on Job, Jesus gently reminded her all is okay.  My daughter away at college has been struggling so very much. It’s her first year away, and she had been so excited to go, as most young adults. She went to the J.C. for a year and was so miserable; it was our intent to make her continue that route, mostly for money purposes. However, she is an excellent student, she is amazingly mature, well-rounded, “connected” (to her brain LOL) we thought, what the heck, and let her go.
Imagine our shock and horror, when she called to say she wasn’t happy, didn’t know if she could “do this.” Quite honestly I wasn’t shocked nor was I horrified as much as I was furious. The money, the eight-hour drive, the move, the time spent getting her into a school in late summer, who does that?!  My daughter.
She had her heart broken a few weeks before leaving an added benefit to going away, she thought. She did not want to go because of her broken heart, but, in spite of being crushed. Unfortunately, she is a bit dramatic like-uh-like me. She is also strong willed like me, so  I was positive this would be a good thing.
So, for the last few weeks, she has sent many texts, things are great, no they aren’t, I want to be home, having a great time at Disneyland, back and forth and forth and back. It has been killing me. Not in the way I want to rush and pick her up to bring her to safety, but in the way I want to shake her and tell her to slow it down, stop thinking the pain and anxiety will go away over night. No, the pain dissipates, it takes a while; sometimes a very.long.while.
 How blessed I am to have children who are strongly rooted in their relationship with the Lord. As she wrote her paper on Job, she needed to share how “Jesus gently reminded her it’s all okay”  She wanted to share that while Job suffered, in all ways possible, physically, emotionally, spiritually he felt so alone. When all was said and done, he was rewarded with much more than when he began.
How awesome is Our God?! This story isn’t just for her; it’s for all of us. God is Mighty, He is Powerful, He is All Knowing, All Loving, He is Gentle, AND He is also Stern at times. He is Our Creator and wants nothing but the best for all of us.
I love that after I climb out of my dark hole that I have dug for myself. After I have thrown my pity party, to which nobody wants to come, he gathers me back into his arms. A place that I left, he was there with me, beside me, all the while.






642 Things To Write About By The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto

I thought it might be fun to take the challenge, this is truly the title of the book. So, here goes.

First Assignment:

What can Happen in a second:

I can’t believe this is the first assignment; I almost skipped it and went onto another day, but… I need to follow through.

In a second,  you can slam your finger in a car door:  scream out in pain and anger.  You can turn your back on a child only to look back around to find him/her missing. In just one second you can speak a phrase or word that was meant to be a thought instead of spoken. In a second you can make the wrong decision and wish you had not.

In a brief second, you can apologize for a misunderstanding. In one, small and brief second– you can say I love you, ask for forgiveness. You can give a touch, a loving touch to a family member or even a friend. In a second that might mean the world to a stranger you can smile, a sincere smile you can even nod, speak hello.