Rest, oh rest, where are you?

As a young teen, I would self-harm before it was even “a thing,” not that person who inflict pain upon themselves do so for attention; I’m just saying that before cutting, punching and hurting one-self was known I would engage. (It’s not a contest, I’m not trying to “win” for those who might be suggesting. )  I was… Continue reading Rest, oh rest, where are you?


How does death affect life?

I’m not exactly sure why but there is something about losing a loved one that causes days to look differently. It’s hard to explain, but most people will agree. I’m talking literally; for instance, driving in your car, pull up to a stoplight and looking to your left. There, in the car beside you sits… Continue reading How does death affect life?


Dear you: and this is where God rushed in

Dear One, I continue  this letter to you and want to explain the reason that I am here. Still. First, I will not take blame for your decision to go wander outside of our marriage; I will take blame for the ugly that I allowed in our marriage.   You were away at the vacation… Continue reading Dear you: and this is where God rushed in


The intention of my previous post

… was to talk about the way our society has glorified marital affairs. You know = infidelity, cheating, lying, having sex with somebody else’s spouse. Don’t believe me? Listen to the songs on your radio, turn on your television, rent a movie. It is everywhere and we’ve made it okay. It has always been this way… Continue reading The intention of my previous post